On Friday, my fellow student Charlie Kleboe-Rogers organised a small hackathon throughout the levels of the Social Digital courses. In total we were about 16 people divided into groups of 4, one person of every level of Social Digital. The goal was to prototype a light used for camping, the time scope was two hours. Materials consisted of mainly paper, clay and tape. Through this very tight schedule, and the premises that there is no right or wrong, this hackathon was a very relieving break from creating the perfect honours project. Our group consisted of Matthew, Hannah and myself, and in those two hours we came up with a light/ videorecorder /glove concept. The idea is that the smart glove is reacting to the hand movement and as the left hand opens from fist to flat hand, the palm part of the glove starts recording where the hand is pointed to (so it does look a wee bit like iron man). The right hand is giving off light if the same movement is conducted, so the person can record in dark areas as well as light areas. Additional to the fun in creating this project, it was great to get to know some of the people in other levels, eating some junk food and getting a few creative sparks into the mind. Thank you for that, Charlie.