The app, as the first part of the user journey, provides the role of the guide and friend, who motivates the user, inspires and advises. The user journey itself is quite simple. The cyclist should not get tangled in the app but rather get inspired and motivated to get on the bike as quick as possible. The app additionally is not categorising in beginner, intermediate or professional. Through this, the cyclist is not already limited in the choice of routes, but rather pushed to give a beautiful, longer tour a shot.

The mood meter at the beginning everytime the app is used is on the other hand providing the opportunity for the cyclist to input their daily preferences.

The three advising screens are the core of the app, providing the unique feature of a friend and guide; in my mind: a Gandalf. The tone of voice in these three screens need to be carefully drafted to get the perfect mixture.

“I am looking for someone to share in and adventure…”