During the app development, it became obvious to me that I am quite content with the design, but it is not consistent enough. An app is mostly only build from a few pages, and therefore there is not massive room for changes, like there is in a magazine. The content is coherently, and as a result, the design needs to be lucid as well.

I still want the two ‘guiding’ pages, Nutrition and Weather’, to be displayed differently, but right now the design styles are too far apart. Even if it means that the finish of typography and white space I had with the previous design needs to be taken back, the user experience needs to be more consistently. The design style I am brushing over the other pages is the design style of the moodmeter. It is the most active, modern design style and conveys more the message of adventure awaiting. After all, the app is not only the friendly guide but also the motivator, which excites. Reforming the other pages also inevitable meant to rethink the information architecture. Moving the POI page from the core pages to the ‘Choice’ page enhanced the difference of input part and guiding part. Having the style now adapted to the entire app, it is time to fill up the content and add missing parts to have a holistic experience.