The movie Bikes vs Cars was published in 2015. it reveals the hidden fight of cars and bikes which evolves into an outright war on the streets. It also takes into consideration how cycling has many advantages over driving cars, but nonetheless many city councils decide to plan the architectural structure of the city according to the needs of cars. Huge areas within cities are used for parking spaces for cars instead of living area for humans, laws for regulating the CO2 emissions of cars are abolished and further down the road is waiting another car advertisement telling us why it is so amazing to owe a road vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine. If sitting is the nicotine of the millennials, why are there no shocking images of what happens to you or to your environment, pasted all over your bonnet? The automotive lobby is amongst the 50 most spending lobby in the USA, and as long as cycling is put down as something for kids and hippies, change will not happen. Even though cycling has the solution for our 21st century problems – overweight problems, shortage of fuel, CO2 emissions, noise pollution, air pollution and in addition is putting a sense of community and adventure on top of our lives.