The app partners with the bike to give the cyclist an easy user interface for input and output. The user journey is a simple one, the cyclist choses a route they fancy. Thereupon, the app gives the cyclist instructions on supplies and what to wear. The user can adapt the route profile by adjusting the number of stops and add points of interests they would like to see.


For the design, I investigated the posters of Becky Bettesworth, who combines a unique illustration style, a warm colour range and a modern white typography. Her posters, like out of the impressionism, completely lack the darker black tones, while the illustration style is, very modern, detailed and with clear edges.

Furthermore, again, I investigated the details of the VW Bus T1 and T2, their design choices, colour range and materials. Within the busses, most elements are designed with round corners. Even so, outside of the logo, none of the elements are overpowering the others and even the bonnet, though unique, is reduced to a flat front part of the car. This gives the other elements a surface to have an effect on their own, rather than being part of an eccentric bonnet. This also leads to the driver to be more immersed into the adventure. What happens in front of your windshield is also happening in front of your nose.


The colour of the car is mostly paired with an off-white top. The colours themselves are various, even so they share a tendency to warm, strong hues.

The intention of the app is to be friendly and motivating. It is the first step of the user experience and therefore it needs to be the most convincing. I created 3 different design directions.

The first one is the most adventurous one. The strong colours and the biker in the background is motivating and exciting the cyclist to get started. The round corners as well as the colour is inspired by the VW design, while the strong fonts are contrasting the nostalgia with their adventurous and bold display.

The second design is far more inspired by the posters. The picture is the main part of the screen and with the blue hues it resembles distance, excitement and tranquillity. Tranquillity is also the focus of the layout. This supports the app to act as a friend who guides the cyclist.

The third design is the exact opposite of the previous two designs. Advising with illustrations and text instead of pictures is playing with the empathic part of the human. The core of illustrated comics is the knowledge, that humans are immersed into a story with illustrations. The more abstract the character’s design is, the more the user is able to be empathic with the character. The more detailed the character, the more we acknowledge it as its own being. Compare Mickey Mouse and Tintin. Mickey Mouse is beloved by everybody, it gets people to laugh, but its actions are more childish. Tintin is his own character, solving crimes and fighting the bad guys. A smiley is mirroring everyone’s face, stripped down to one emotion. Therefore, illustrations are friendlier and advising then pictures, which is the core of this design.

Further along, I want to choose one of the designs and complete the user experience prototype.

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