This is the first presentation, covering the general direction of the project. I decided during my research to transform the image of the bike to a modern and smart object. The reason for that is that I realised, that the solution for many issues with cars is actually already on the market: the bike. It does not need much of parking space, it is mostly relying on muscle power to travel, it keeps the cyclist healthy and there is never a warning of a bike jam in the radio. Even though the image is quite comical, I think you understand the point I am making. The problem I am focusing on, the future car jams which will intrude heavily on many people’s live, is not be solved by anything else than two wheels and a saddle. An invention which has been around for the last 150 years. Is the answer truly so easy? It is definitely a legit alternative to cars, the issue is rather that bikes are often overlooked and rather old fashioned and childish. This image needs to change, and therefore I want to dive deeper into the concept of a smart bike. After making this decision, it is quite clear, that further investigation is necessary in order to gain a very deep understanding of cyclists. For this purpose, I arranged interviews with cyclists as well as car people. These will be conducted in near future and will hopefully take me one step closer to tackling the issue.

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