To get a feeling for the broader opinion in regard of cycling and the resources available, I conducted an online questionnaire with general questions about the usage of the bike. The outcome of the research revealed that the issue is clearly not the availability of bikes or that the person is untrained in using it. This is a very solid foundation which confirms most of my assumptions, a positive and reassuring change. It is nonetheless always necessary to build the concept on researched facts and not on hypothesises. Only that way, it can be assured that the user is in the centre of the entire design process. Here are the core results of the questionnaire:

  • 100 % of the participants own a bike
  • 1 out of 9 uses the bike more than once a month
  • 100 % of the participants used the bike more often as a child to meet up with friends
  • 8 out of 9 use a mountain bike
  • 60% are cycling with friends or family
  • 8 out of 9 people are using the bike nowadays for trips into the countryside
  • 100% of the participants would go on a holiday with their bike


Additionally, I attended an event to discuss the future of Cycle Tourism in relation to the digital creative industries. Many entrepreneurs from the cycling industries gave talks about their field of work, their expertise and how they incorporated digital media into their marketing strategy. In total, I could not draw as many insights out of that meeting as I thought I would. The reason for that is on one hand that it mainly was about mountain biking and the digital media consisted mostly of website design. The entire evening was very interesting, and it was a good introduction, to their field of work.