BBC Radio App

The brief was published by the contest of the D&AD in cooperation with the BBC. Goal of the contest consisted of creating an app, which would increase the amount of BBC app users, especially in the range of the 16-24 year old. Our app’s focus is set on the ability to create a social event by listening to the radio. While listening to the radio, adolescents can invite friends to join in the podcast. A tweed feed enhances the community feeling surrounding the app. For the individual experience, the content is organised to be explored. A search by categories help the young person to find new and engaging content. The design is enhancing the theme of sharing the enormous variety of content of BBC, by creating a moving sensation. The background is one large picture, on which the different pages are placed. By interacting with the app, the user is flying from one point in the picture to the other, representing the large, but connected, variety of the BBC.

My tasks in this group project consisted of the layout of the entire app and programming the prototype in Adobe Edge.