After figuring out that the area for my honours project will be mobility, my research focused on different aspects on how a person is commuting at the moment, and how the future of mobility will look like. The initial reason is to design an alternative way of vehicle, which will lead people to leaving the car alone. Cars are left 80% of the day in a parking space, and in the 20 % of the day when they are on the road, a single person is using it, while transporting spaces for 5 persons. Cars are inefficient, a massive damage to the environment and to the human health through air pollution, noise pollution and obviously through crashes. The future of cars sounds fascinating through good branding campaigns of TESLA and sorts. Listening to talks on TED by Bill Ford and Uber Founder Travis Kalanick I realised, that even though cars might get smarter, environment friendly and even be used as an on-demand service than individual ownership, several problems will still await us. Can you guess which problem it is? Car jams. We all have already waited in a car jam, it is the dread of family holidays and the daily issue for most commuters. When the city will be even more packed, jams will extend to a problem, where ambulances and fire workers etc will not arrive in time. Also supply trucks will be stuck in those jams and therefore we can say goodbye to the range of products we demand in a supermarket. If we insist on the usage of cars for every little trip, we have a problem. Many companies are already trying to tackle this problem with better public transport, car sharing services and several more. Interestingly, not many of the ideas of future transport have the rural areas outside of the city network in mind. Those people who are enabled only by cars to go into work, to buy groceries, to drive the children to football and to maintain their daily lifestyle are the ones, who are a little bit forgotten by the big brands.


The project I am going for, shall tackle these problems; to be exact: it shall get people to be leaving the car behind. The age group I want to focus on is between 20 and 30 years old. The reasons consist of the: at this age, people are deciding to buy a car, habits are not fully established, they don’t have grown children yet and they have a strong underlying aim to live an economical life. It is very dear to me, as I am in the same dilemma as many people. On one hand, I want to avoid damaging the environment, cars parking everywhere and the constant noise as well as the air pollution, jams and the danger are annoyances which need to be avoided. On the other hand, I enjoy going on a day trip in the car, take friends with me, have the ability to go to a place further away without much inconvenience. In this way, I am passionate about finding a solution to that dilemma, to change my own behaviour and through that, maybe have a product which will make the world a little bit better.

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