The Mark II presentation with the main focus on the handles. 5 minute presentations to sum up all the development achieved since Mark I forced me to strip down the thought processes to the most essential core developments. Therefore I wanted to draw the attention to the handles, also to receive constructive criticism on the product part of the project. It was the first working prototype which conveys the design idea as well as the interaction idea.

The feedback of the presentation and the following tutorial with Graham Pullin gave me new inspiration of where to go with the project. Before the tutorial I was convinced, that the material used had to be the same or at least similar to the biking handles on the market. That lead to restrictions regarding the form, since metal forming possibilities were limited or extremely expensive. Additionally, the design of the handles was a very literal homage of vintage VW steering wheels, which were also used for the GM vintage cars. These cars are communicating a very contrary image to the laid back VW Bus, which needs to be avoided. Nonetheless was it helpful to have a first working prototype and I realisation of the problems regarding instability which this design could have. It was the first design idea, which needs refinement regarding functionality and reshaping of the main load bearing pole but it is a step into the right direction.


Further along the week, I decided to leave the handles and reset the focus on the app, in order to look at the handles with a fresh mind.