While the finalised design style of the app is transferred on the other two core screens of the app, the further approach this week was to adapt the style to the additional screens like the choice of routes and the POI. It is to be considered, to move the POI screen on one level with the choice screen and the mood meter screen, as all three of them are a platform for user input. Therefore as core screens would remain the food-advising screen and the weather screen. Both are the ones, which carry the idea of the app most forward, the friend who takes the user to an adventure. The further on, I watched tutorials regarding the tool proto.io, the website which I use to implement microanimations and interactivity to the app.

It has mostly been a week of considerations and preparations. For the portfolio, I scanned the inspiring books which I used for initial research, and I started the layout for the project booklet. The project booklet design is to resemble a mixture of advertisement brochures and the design style I used for the app as well as the handles. Therefore it was time to find a corporate design which will combine the main values of both: the powerful typography of the app and the familiar materials of the handles, resembled through white space. The app, the handles, the whole concept if you like is to tell the user to keep an eye on the adventure. Images as the background, the interaction through the handles, it is all very visual. Therefore the brochure, obviously, has to consist mainly of imagery.  It is vital, to capture the essence of the project in well crafted pictures. Not highly polished advertisement pictures, but approachable pictures, casual as well as confident.

In the next weeks, I want to take the chance to improve my photography skills in order to hopefully meet my own requirements.