The week started with a presentation about project organisation. As we are currently halfway through first semester it got me to back onto track of organising my project at the most efficient way. It also helped me at my current position as I was already panicking about the first delivery in two weeks. Breaking down the process made me realise that there is still research to be done, which is going to be the foundation of my concept. Therefore, I got back to the beginning, did a questionnaire about cycling which I send to volunteers and got back to desk research. I overlooked basically that my research in mobility covered many issues about traffic, public services and cars in the future, but there were not enough insights into cycling to draw up a solid concept.


During my desk research I found two inspirational products. One is an advertisement for Ventrix by The North Face. With slits, it releases excess heat, or as it is advertised: “The jacket that breathes when you work” (translated from German, the British slogan is “The jacket that works when you work”). A jacket that breathes, what an image in my head. The jacket as a living creature, keeping your body at the perfect temperature, breathing as you do. This kind of intelligent material combined with the feeling of safety and comfort of being around a trusted pet I want to incorporate into my personal project. The other one is a kit I read from in the guardian’s blog post “Pimp my ride: readers reveal the secrets of their bike modifications”. It turns a bike into an 80cc moped with a motor and everything. What an amazing idea in times when DIY and upcycling is gaining more and more attention. A product which could be easily incorporated into any bike and turn them into something adventurous and spectacular. I am going to draw out as many ideas as possible and will refine them as soon as possible, everything within the double diamond process.